Hate Punch 2

You’ve never seen justice hunted quite like this

One of the advantages to writing comics is that the action, characters, and scenarios can be as big as the imaginations of the creative team making it. You want the hottest stars, the most epic action, the biggest explosions? You got it! The budget is as big as you’d like it to be!

So, what is Hate Punch 2? Pretty much the opposite of all that stuff up there. It’s a comic book that adheres to the paltry budgetary constraints of a 1980’s B-Movie action film. You want big explosions? Well, we could only afford one. You want epic action? We had to go with what we had before the camera broke. We couldn’t really afford a great cast, either, so, uh, forgive some of the acting choices. Sheath Comics proudly presents Chuck Cranston’s vision of a man living on the edge, dealing with loss, and seeking revenge.

This is… HATE PUNCH 2: THE HUNT FOR JUSTICE! (P.S. In case you’re wondering, there’s no HATE PUNCH 1)